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Visiting the pre-school

If you would like to arrange a visit to the pre-school please contact the Pre-School Manager.

How to apply for a place at the pre-school 

Cobham Community Pre-School accepts applications for children from the term after they are 2.5 to 4 years​ old from Cobham and the surrounding area. Children become eligible for government funded sessions (see below) from the term after they are 3years old.

In order to apply for a place, you need to submit a registration form to the Administrator at any point after the birth of your child. We suggest you register your child as soon as possible.

You will then be contacted at the beginning of the term before they are due to start to complete a full application form from which we will allocate the places we have available.

Children generally start pre-school at the start of the autumn term (September), some places may be available at the start of the spring term (January), and occasionally we have spaces available to start in the summer term (April). Please contact the administrator if you wish to discuss the most suitable time for your child to start.

How we allocate places

If there are more applications than available places the following admissions criteria are used to allocate places:

1)      Parish waiting list: Children who live within the parishes of Cobham and Sole Street, and Luddesdown are given first priority, as long as they have completed a waiting list application form by the end of the term, two terms before they are due to start (i.e. September starters must apply by the end of the spring term). *

2)      Sibling waiting list: We then allocate places to children who have older siblings who currently attend, or have​ previously attended, the pre-school, as long as they have completed a waiting list application form by the end of the term, two terms before they are due to start (i.e. September starters must apply by the end of the spring term). *

3)       General waiting list: All other applications, that are received by the start of the term before they are due to start.

* Term dates are published on our website. If parish children or those with a sibling link do not apply in time then they are added to the general waiting list.

We do not prioritise children who receive the Universal funding nor those who pay session charges.

For each criteria children who have been on the waiting list for the longest length of time will be given priority. We will do our best to inform you as soon as possible if it looks likely that you will not be allocated a space at the pre-school.

There is no fee for registering/applying for a place and you will be informed by half way through the term before your child is due to start if you have been allocated a place.

Session availability

Subject to availability, we offer a maximum of 6 sessions (15hrs) a week to each child in the year before they start school most other children start on 2 – 3 sessions a week.

Only children in their final year before school can attend Swan sessions, these are typically limited to two sessions per week.

Children who are attending both the morning and afternoon sessions are given priority on lunchtime sessions.

Funded sessions

We receive the Universal (Funded Early Education) funding for three and four year olds; entitling children to up to 15 free hours from the term after their third birthday. Please note lunch sessions cannot be covered by the funding, and you must submit a parental declaration form on time to claim the funding for your child.

We are not part of the ‘30hrs of funded childcare’ scheme.

Parental Fees

For children who are not eligible for the Universal (Funded Early Education) funding the fees are: Cygnet session - £13.50, Swan session - £13.50, Lunch session £6.00. All fees are payable half-termly in advance.

Lunch sessions are not compulsory, if you prefer you can come and collect your child for lunch at the end of the morning session.

Payment can be made by BACS, by using Childcare vouchers or through the Tax Free Childcare scheme.

A copy of our current charges and Universal Funding structure can be downloaded here.

Early Years Pupil Premium 

The Early Years Pupil Premium provides an extra 53p per hour for three and four year old children whose parents are in receipt of certain benefits or who have been in care or adopted from care. This means an extra £302 a year for each child taking up the full 570 hours funded entitlement to early education. If you are eligible this additional money could make a significant difference to your child’s attainment in the future and we encourage you to apply for the extra funding. Further details can be found here


Download our current prospectus here.