Information for Parents of Children at the Preschool

Preschool Contact Details
Tel: 07562 666408
Email: [email protected]

To keep up to date, please regularly check Class Dojo and join the Facebook group

How do I contact the pre-school if I have a query or concern?
You are always welcome to speak to a member of staff when you drop off or pick up your child. You can also call the pre-school staff during session times if you need to talk to someone urgently. Or you can email the pre-school staff, but please note these emails are not always checked during session times so please do not email in an emergency.

If you have a safeguarding or child protection concern, please speak to our Designated Safeguarding Team Kerry Sheppard or Rachael Harrington. 

If you have a query regarding funding or invoices please contact our administrator, Becky Newnes by emailing [email protected]

What to do if your child is going to be absent from pre-school:

Attendance at pre-school is not compulsory but it does help with session planning to know if a child is going to be absent. For planned absences (e.g. holidays, appointments) please let the staff know in advance by email or using Class Dojo. If it is an unplanned absence (e.g. illness) please phone or text the pre-school before 10am. If we have not heard from you by 10am we will attempt to call you and everyone on your emergency contact list to find out why your child is missing.

When children can return to pre-school after illness:
For non-infectious illnesses your child may return to pre-school when you feel they are better. Generally if you need to give your child Calpol they are not well enough to attend pre-school. If you are in any doubt please keep them at home for an extra day. For infectious illnesses please check our Exclusion Periods Guide. If you are in any doubt please check with a member of staff before your child returns to pre-school.

What to do if your child requires medication at pre-school:
Pre-school staff can only administer medication if it has been prescribed. They will need to see the pharmacy label or prescription with the child's name on it. You will need to complete a medication form with a member of staff. Please see our policy for more information.

What to do if you will not be picking your child up from pre-school:
Please make sure the pre-school staff are made aware when you drop off your child if someone not named on their form will be picking them up. Please also make sure your child knows who is picking them up. If something happens during the session that changes who will be picking up your child please phone or text the staff to inform them.
If someone the staff have not met before is picking up your child you can tell staff to ask for your child's date of birth or you can give them a password. The staff will never release your child to a person they have not been informed about, if there is any doubt they will phone you.

What to if you are going to be late picking your child up:
We understand that occasionally, for reasons beyond your control, you may get held up briefly on your way to pick up. If this happens and you are unable to arrange for someone else to pick your child up (see above for further information on this) please phone or text the pre-school immediately so we are aware of the situation. Please be aware that if you are consistently late to pick up your child we reserve the right to charge a late fee (see our Charges and Funding Structure for details)

What your child should bring to pre-school in their packed lunch:
We encourage healthy eating in the pre-school and ask that your child’s lunch reflects this.
Please see our Packed Lunch Guidance

What your child needs to bring to pre-school with them:
All children should bring wellies to pre-school and outdoor clothing suitable to the weather.
It is also helpful to have a change of clothes (including socks and underwear) left in their bag for emergencies.
Children who are still using nappies should bring these and wipes.
Only children who are staying for lunch need to bring food and drinks.
Children attending a Swan session should bring a bag for their reading book.
We have plenty of toys at pre-school so please dissuade your child from bringing toys to pre-school with them.

What your child should wear to pre-school?
Your child will have access to paint, water play, our mud kitchen and other types of messy play, so please don’t send them to school in new or expensive clothes!
They will need to wear layers appropriate to the weather as we usually go outside except in extreme weather. Jackets should be clearly labelled with their name and hung on the lower pegs in the cloakroom.
They will be removing their shoes so Velcro fastenings are much easier to help them to be independent (and to prevent our staff fastening and unfastening over 20 pairs of shoelaces every day!).
Polo shirts, sweatshirts and book bags with the Cobham Pre-School logo and name are available from My Clothing or Simmonds Ltd.  Please note these are not compulsory.

Charges and Funding Information:
Full details of all our charges and funding that may be available for your child can be found in our Charges and Funding Structure.

Term and Event Dates:
Current term dates can be found on our website. For details of events please regularly check Class Dojo.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)
Please click here for a Parents' Guide to the EYFS

Keeping your family safe online:
Please follow the links for activities to help keep your family safe online:
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Other Useful Links

Kent Safeguarding

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Further information can be found in the pre-school's policy documents which can be viewed on our website or in the file in the pre-school.


If you have a complaint, please speak to a member of staff in the first instance. If you are unsatisfied with their response we have a Complaints Policy which details the actions you can take.
If you would like to contact Ofsted about the setting, please call 0300 1231231 or visit the website
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